Our Services


We do not underestimate the significance of the decision being made and our team will assist you to make as informed a decision as possible. Across our homes we are able to offer care in: Residential Care, Nursing Care, Dementia Care, Advanced Care, Palliative Care.

Residential care is care that can be delivered and managed by a team of care workers and is not requiring a nurse presence 24 hours per day There are a wide range of reasons for requiring residential care. Your stay can be short term, long term or respite whatever the reason or the length of stay you can assured that you receive a bespoke plan of care.

Nursing Care is the add on element to social care where it is deemed necessary for a Registered Nurse to be present to manage and deliver the care with the support of a team of professionals. Our Homes enables you to live in a modern and versatile environment while you receive the care you need.

Whatever the service you require we will put in place a personalised care plan to ensure the delivery of care to is one that best suits and promotes your quality of life.

Dementia Care, our focus is on Reminiscence, Validation, Resolution and Observation. We believe that the monitoring for signs of well being and ill health are key to providing an enabling environment. Our work with life history and story building starts at assessment and allows us to build a critical understanding of the person’s life. Our aim is to provide a sense of personal worth to the individual and show that they have something to offer, and that they have a feeling of control and being able to make decisions which will be carried out.

Within our homes we have a General Practitioner who carries out rounds to ensure that all our residents receive medical intervention when it is needed. The nursing staff are trained to carry out diagnostic procedures this means that you can often avoid going into hospital to have blood tests etc. and results are back quickly so treatments can commence.

The pre admission process enables us to build up a picture of how the person wishes their care to be delivered and over the first few weeks this picture grows and is adjusted to the person’s wishes or needs.

We offer a variety of activities at both Azalea Court. The dedicated activity teams in each of our homes provide a stimulating and interesting programme of activities Monday to Friday.

The activities are designed around the interests of current residents and you will find notices in reception and on each floor showing the activities scheduled for the day.

Some of the activities we currently offer are:

  • Music and sing-a-long
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Games
  • Coffee Morning
  • Reminiscence
  • Music and exercise
  • Reading and audio book group

There is an activity room in both of our homes and activities also take place in the lounges and in the garden when the weather allows. Members of the activity team will make sure they spend one to one time with you and they visit residents in their bedrooms.

As well as the activity room, other designated areas include:

  • Hair Salon
  • Reminiscence areas

You will also have the opportunity to enjoy visits from various entertainers and groups such as singers and faith groups, while you may wish to join us on one of our outings to places of interest.

Whatever you choose to do we will always try to ensure you have everything in place to enable you to continue with your hobbies and interests so you get the best out of your experiences.

Menus are produced for the season using local suppliers to ensure freshness. All of our meals are prepared on the day with no pre cooking. Meals are balanced and our chefs work hard to ensure that all meals are nutritious and served to table quickly enabling the nutrients in the food to be at their best.

You will find that the mealtimes are relaxed and a great time to meet up with some of your friends. We encourage people to take part in the whole dining experience. Dining rooms are laid with individual place settings using cotton clothes and napkins. Each table has place settings for condiments and tea and coffee pots and wines and juices are served as requested. There is a constant availability of tea and coffee, we do not have dedicated coffee or tea rounds as we believe people should be able to have access to drinks when and wherever they want.

Individual or family meals can be ordered and special occasions catered for. If you wish to have tray service for any or all of your meals these will be provided.

As part of the activity programme baking is carried out on a regular basis and the residents can be found having afternoon tea sampling their own efforts and this provides for much entertainment.

If you require specialist regimes with regards to diets and consistencies we will ensure that your dining experience is just as enjoyable.

Our dedicated Hospitality Manager can meet with you to discuss your requirements either on your admission or when you visit, you will receive a complimentary bowl of fruits of the seasons along with fresh tea and coffee for your guests to enjoy welcoming you on your arrival.

If you would like to receive a sample of our menu or you would like to join us for a meal prior to your stay please use the contact us form.

In the creation of our homes we have endeavoured to pull on the years of experience of our team, who have been in Nursing for over 30 years. We work with Design and architects who have successfully demonstrated their expertise in work before us. We have listened and learnt and have designed and built with all our residents in mind.

The homes have designated areas which can clearly be seen to have function and purpose. The use of light colours and longer windows has enabled us to maximise on natural light giving an even greater sense of space. In our choice of schemes we have chosen natural combinations in wood and soft colours giving the homes a feeling of openness.

At Azalea Court we have been able to install a Dementia Care system that enables our staff to monitor but not intrude with sensors in bedrooms and corridors which will pick up movement.

We have looked at the impact our future developments are having on our current environment and we have used solar power and sedum roofs for rain water harvesting ensuring that our development reduces its footprint.

We recycle our rubbish, where possible separating our card for collection.

Our outdoor space is just as important and the gardens have been designed to allow the freedom to move around either with assisted mobility or walking. Areas are well planted with colour and herbs to add to the experience.

To see the results of our work please visit any of our sites you can contact us through our contact us page.